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Learn key concepts and approaches needed to understand, create, and perform contemporary music.
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What you’ll learn

  • How to construct major and minor scales
  • How to identify, analyze, and sing intervals
  • How to identify the tonal center of a song
  • How to build basic major, minor, and dominant seventh chords
  • How to create a common chord progression – the I IV V
  • How to recognize blues and AABA song forms

The study of rhythms, intervals, motifs, phrases, melodies, chords and chord progressions, in the standard clefs through listening, playing, singing, and writing. Chord study includes primary and secondary triads in root position and inversions, non-harmonic tones and seventh chords. Beyond acquiring skills and knowledge, students will experience different processes of learning and be practicing to be better prepared for their future music theory courses and professional careers. Students will also be encouraged to relate content to their personal musical experiences and to work in a cooperative atmosphere.

Why Learning Music Theory at Heidari Music School?

Teachers at our school are most important assets of our organization, hence we pick them carefully. We do filter all our teaching staff from many applicants that apply throughout the year, who are interested to join our team; however, we only work with well educated and certified tutors. Who has the experience to teach kids and adults.

Easy to access our studio?

We are located in the North York. just on subway line which makes it easy to access for anyone commuting with the subway.

Our music Theory teaching staff

We only hire well educated and certified teachers, whom can help you to get approprite accrediations.

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